leftrightSunday, June 14, 2009

Re: Regarding CCA and PQ Testimonials
From: Loy Colin 02-06-09
To: 08S6E
Dear S6E,

We will soon have to start writing your testimonials. There are two:
one on CCA and a PQ (personal qualities) testimonial. This is what
you need to do:

1. Submit a draft of your CCA testimonial (email softcopy to me at
colinloy@hc.edu.sg) by 21 Jun. Please refer to the first attachment
below on how you should draft it.

2. To help me write your PQ testimonial, complete Forms A and B and
email me by 10 Jul. Refer to the second attachment below.

3. Also, get at least one of your classmates in S6E to write about
you using Form C. Can email softcopy or submit hardcopy into my
pigeon hole if the writer wishes to remain anonymous (hmm, why would
you want to remain anonymous if you are writing good things about
your classmate?) Also by 10 Jul.

Have a good June break. Prepare well for Block Test 2 (don't wait
until the last moment) but remember to also take care of your health.

Mr Loy


get the files from SMB!

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leftrightMonday, June 1, 2009

doubt many will read this. but this i just a reminder that jts is on tuesday. 2 June 2009.

meet 6pm at wheelock borders. (:

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leftrightSunday, May 31, 2009

Hello! Your super cool future hollywood director from ASS WEE here!

Need to collect photos, videos, whatever for the class montage.
If you got any thing you want in the montage just send it to me or something.

And if got idea pleas put on class blog. I too lazy to think. thank you.

Wang Yi

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leftrightSaturday, May 30, 2009
Have a fruitful vacation!

Copied from SMB.

Dear 6E,

Have a restful and fruitful vacation. This is the longest "free"
time you will have before your A Levels so do make use of it well to
study and revise. However don't forget about your health and get
enough sleep (but not too much) and exercise too!

Best regards from Paris,
Mr Kelvin Tan

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leftrightSaturday, May 2, 2009
Influenza A (H1N1)

Hey guys,

Just in case you missed my sms, or forgot about it. This is a reminder for you to bring your oral digital thermometer everyday.

For the assembly on the coming monday, 4 May 2009. It will not be a combine assembly.

Read SMB to know which gates you can use and so on... I think cars cannot come into the school anymore. There will be visual screening at the gates...

Also, we will be having class photo taking for year book on the coming thursday, 7 May 2009. 10.30am. I forgot where's the venue, will remind you guys again.

Yup, take care people.

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leftrightSunday, April 26, 2009
monkey in action.

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leftrightTuesday, April 14, 2009

Read this!

Anyway, the rising star Leo Bing Yeow is having a race tmr! Let's wish him luck.

Shao Fei will be competing on thursday. He has a tough semis. Let's hope he will pull it through and create miracles.


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leftrightMonday, April 13, 2009

These people will not be reading this in time, because they should be sleeping now. Tmr is an important day.

All the best for canoeist Shao Fei and Bing Yeow tmr. Hope that they can qualify and win. (:

All the best for tracker Yu Wei. Hope that qualify and don't injure further. Obviously, pwn everyone hands down in the end. Recover la. LOL.

Good luck!

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leftrightThursday, April 9, 2009
latest news - interview

today. it's sijie!

frisbee or 08s6e?
08s6e! since this interview is for the class blog xDD

cecelia or zhiyang?
i'm yours =D

if cecelia and zhiyang fall into the water, who will you save?
(if both dont know how to swim/float)
save the one who seems to sink faster =D

what's is the most inconvenient thing you have encountered being so skinny?
hanging my slingbag on my shoulders
coz it always slip off

i am out of question. SORRY! hahaha.

i wanted to say smth. because i was emo-ing. but i shall not. (:

i just hope everyone is happy. cherish those who get affected by what you say.

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leftrightSunday, April 5, 2009


08S6E 豆!1:22 AM

it was requested for me to post this on the blog. (:

24th April, Friday.
Economics make up lesson. Therefore we will be having economics from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. Please do sleep early the day before and be prepared for it. Especially if you have Track and Field finals the day before, be it you are competiting, watching, support or cheering. (:

8th May, Friday
Economics Lecture Test. An Essay.
Do read up on inflation, unemployment and fiscal policy. There may be a chance that there may be monetary policy. No matter what, it could be used for evaluation for fiscal policy. So do pay attention to it.

Okay. That's all from me. Jiayou everyone!

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leftrightThursday, April 2, 2009
how can we miss out GP yesterday?!

this is a post to remind ourselves about THE BEST's jokes in our class.

prosmicuous man increase birthrate in singapore. therefore, they are extrememly important to our country when we have an ageing population.

bingyeow is a very good example of a prosmicuous man. his most prominent weapon is the shotgun.

and he needs janitors to maintain it.

william said something about mistress too...

but guess what? I DON'T WANT TO TELL YOU!! go find out yourself.

anw. wishing all atheletes all the best in their competition. and those with performance have a successful show. and those backstage ones have fun. while others, jiayou for whatever you do.

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leftrightSunday, March 29, 2009
latest news #3

Hohoho. I know you are waiting for this.

We are so damn honoured to have JIN HUI!!!

Get to know him! Haha.

This interview is special. Phone interview.

Here goes:

1) Do you think you are a pervert?
NO, obviously...

2) Why?
I only go school to study.

3) If 07S6E and 08S6E fall into the water, which one will you save?

*Greedy* Can I save both?

4) What do you think of Jia Yun?
Jia Yun is kind... He doesn't boss his 6E classmates around... He will tell them his reasons for wanting them to do things...

(last sentence is censored. LOL. how come i have the feeling that what he said is the opposite...)

5) What do you like about the class?
The class is fun, loving and everyone is nice to talk to...

(i know, especially me!!)

6) Why do you always seem lack of sleep?
haha ppl always say i hav a sleepy look

( i think is not sleepy look... but is like really want to sleep)

7) Who will you save: Wang Yi or William?
i think i'll be the one who will sink into the water.

(maybe i shld have rephrase the question to who out of the both of them do you think will save you... but i guess the answer will still be the same...)

8) When is your birthday?
(After asking for a second time) Feb will do la.

(well... at least he didnt say 30th feb...)

9) What kind of girl do you like?
a girl who is pretty, caring and lively

(hmm, jinhui is honest that he's superficial.)

10) Choose an object to represent you.
Tazmania, the one that spins and create a mess after him. haha.

(ok, ppl. becareful of jinhui now...)

* Note: Phone interview was not easy so conduct. Therefore, I may have left out some details. Of course, some content are censored due to the media rights of this class blog.

I hereby clarify that I believe Jin Hui is clean. As long as he doesnt do "weird" stuffs and say "strange" things.

This is just a random song.

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leftrightSaturday, March 28, 2009
latest news #2

sorry. Emo teen is postponed/cancelled. due to unforseen circumstances. wrong timing.

we are honoured to invited our New Assistant CT Rep to answer a few questions. (:

LEE NINGXIN. She answered every question like a breeze. It's no doubt that all answers are true from her heart. HAHA.

alrights, i actually wanted to make it 10 questions, but it's 11 in the end.

1) If our class has a class bag, will u bring class bag or MAD bag? (William says "class bag is damn retarded")
LOL. alt week. hahaha

2) If there's huang cheng bag too?
confirm don't have la

3) If 08S6E and MAD drops into the water, which one will you save first? Plus huang cheng.
i doubt any need saving

4) If Aileen and Yuwei fall into the water, who will you save first?
i'm sure yuwei will save aileen la. doesn't need me

5) What do you think are the reasons that contribute to your "neutral" face?

as our smart ACT:
eh what are you doing ah. for class blog ah

my neutral face is natural

6) Do you think Jinhui is a pervert?
haha well hmm...

7) How do you think you can cheer up your good friend kelly?
erm give a her sweet? i can't think of anything.

(well, i guess some problems are not easy to solve. i guess we all hope that kelly will be happy everyday, but i guess what we can do is to cheer her up by PAYING UP FOR STJ!!!)

8) What do you like most about the class?
whatever la. er anything and everything. hoho. or cos we are who we are. haha

9) What would you like to comment about physics lessons?
[ningxin ponders and changed her answer] i learnt a lot

10a) After we graduate, if there's a clash between huang cheng, MAD and 08S6E gathering, which one will you go?
i'll go for MAD in the morn cos it's usually in the morn, huangcheng in the afternoon then gathering at night

10b) What if they are all in the morning?
then hmm depends on which is more impt?

10c) All are hanging out.
6e. duh. mad outing quite often de. haha

11) Why do you think you are the ACT rep?
cos no one wanted to do it and i was sabo-ed

(work with me very torturous meh... lol.)

Okays! Hope you have learnt more about our sacrificial assistant CT Rep from this interview.

*Note: Minor editing are done to the interview. No content is altered, but some parts of the interview are censored due to the media rights on this class blog. Thank you for your kind understanding. Do look out for the next interview. (:

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leftrightFriday, March 27, 2009
Physics Practical

Experiment: Using a plastic folder to create static energy to attract leg hairs.

Done by: Moon Magazine Editor

Thesis: Leg Hair will be attracted to the plastic after rubbing leg to plastic folder.

Observation: FAILED

Limitations & Improvements: Editor only did it to himself. The experiment can be repeated on someone else.

Conclusion: Bingyeow's leg hair is resistant to static energy.

08S6E 豆!12:16 AM
O $ P $





*kelly's pouting face*

08S6E 豆!12:14 AM
leftrightThursday, March 26, 2009
latest news

bing yeow, editor of the MOON Magazine.

publishing news such as:




CANOEING *picture of the editor being angry*


STRESS OF A STUDENT *picture of editor being frustrated*

BUKIT PANJANG HAS INVESTMENT POTENTIAL (highest percentage vote the last elections)






yea, I LIKE IT!

also additional:

watch out for more lastest news. next up: The EMO TEEN.

08S6E 豆!11:56 PM
leftrightSaturday, March 21, 2009

good luck to every1 for the 2nd part of blocks!!!
I totally not studying liaozzz cuz...I don't care anymore!
So I spend time watching retarded vids...like this:

Nothing is taboo!=)

08S6E 豆!11:48 PM
leftrightSunday, March 8, 2009
All the best!

And Jia You for blocks!

08S6E 豆!6:24 PM
leftrightSunday, February 22, 2009
<3 uniform groups

Who's cuter?

scout or NCC?

PRC is still the best.

08S6E 豆!10:03 PM